Thursday, April 26, 2007

Check *Me* Out

Hi All Lovemakers,

I have some really fun news –I’ve been interviewed on Francesca Gentille’s show, Sex, Tantra, and Kama Sutra. She’s a fabulous interviewer and we really play well together.

We explore some of my past: my kundalini awakening, and how it led to my getting into the practice of Expanded Orgasm. It changed my life.

I learned many ways (in addition to Expanded Orgasm) to return into that light – that vibration of love, connectedness, and bliss! We cover what you can do to create your own experience of going “into the light”: the orgasmic, accessible, Tantric version of blissful awakening.

Fortunately, in my lineage of Tantra, awakening can be as near as a subtle shift in your attention, or some simple breaths to re-center yourself. I tell you how to do this, and why it can change the very way you touch and feel your lover.

I also talk about entraining those around you, by getting into alignment in yourself and mastering your own vibrational frequencies.

You’ll also hear more about Sweetrocking, and how it can send you into an orgasmic state, whether you do this genitally or non-genitally.

Throw in some surprising hot appreciations recommended for both men and women, and you have a really great show! Join us on Sex, Tantra, and Kama Sutra, right here on the Personal Life Media Network. on, and look for "Orgasm into the Light" with Dr. Patti Taylor.

Yours, as always, Dr. Patti Taylor,


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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NYC EO Weekend June 22-24

Dear Expanded Lovemakers,

I am returning to New York City the weekend of June 22-24 to teach an Expanded Orgasm weekend. Friday night will be a discussion and party event on Expanded Orgasm and its deep Tantric connections. Saturday will be appropriate for singles and couples, and Sunday will be for couples only. Space is limited for the Sunday event, so register early to let us know for sure that you can make it and to reserve your spot.

We'll have details on the website shortly, and also at You can email Anton if you need more information, If you've never done one of my events before, you are in for a treat as they are a lot of fun! And if you've done more than one, you'll know they're never the same experience twice.

I am planning to come back to NY to teach an advanced course for which this class (or one of our previous week-end classes) is a prerequisite. Certificates will be issued for all playshops you attend.

By now I’m guessing you’ve checked out my audio podcasts at (The Expanded Lovemaking Show). I just can’t wait until you hear some of our upcoming interviews – they're making “expanded org*smic” history for sure. Plus, I'm on the verge of submitting not one, but two books to my agent.

I'm starting to teach in the SF Bay Area as well, and planning a much more in-depth certification program, as well as preparing various information products.

In these days when we're all so busy, it's a rare and precious opportunity when we can come together and share energy. In one moment and one touch, a universe of information can be communicated. Transformation happens quickly with touch, especially in a room filled with transformative, touch-full energy and enthusiastic fellow seekers. There is no substitute imaginable for being together in person.

Finally, I will have a few extra time slots surrounding my arrival and departure, starting Wednesday the week before and ending the Tuesday after the weekend. If you would like to arrange some private time with me, please let me know as soon as possible. I am certain to book up very quickly.

In Ever-Expanding Love,


Dr. Patti Taylor,

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Margot Anand - As Vibrant as Ever

Hi All,

My interview with Margot Anand is now available. Wow~

I just interviewed Margot in January, and remember feeling postively, absolutely dazzled in her presence.

Her clarity, her freedom, her strength of intention, her way of being, her laughter … her carefree-ness, her genius… her beauty … and of course, her wisdom, are just some of what hit me in cycles, when not coming at me all at once. She is truly a radiant being, loving, generous, and also quite artistic, vulnerable, and real.

Now… how would you like a chance to meet Margot? You can, by checking out our interview, just up, on and the Expanded Lovemaking Show.

I just listened to it once more, and felt all those same things yet again. I was totally *turned on* by what she had to say!

Tantra can supercharge your whole life, and your partner’s life, with orgasmic energy. I love hearing Margot share how bringing orgasmic energy up the body will change the way you experience not just sex, but love, and even life!

Plus… she shares freely about her own life and the new directions she wants to take.

Do tune into these vibes for a super-inside look at Tantra today!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sweetrock in Red Rock, Sedona, (AZ), May 4-6

Dear Expanded Lovemakers,

Last night started out like any other normal night. My partner came over to practice Sweetrocking with me, since I am going to be presenting a workshop in Sedona (at the Sacred Sexuality Conference, May 4-6) on Sweetrocking. We had dinner, enjoyed the sunset, and planned our practice.

Have you been to one of our groups where we covered Sweetrocking? It's a way of entering a mutually pleasurable resonant system. It's immensely enjoyable in itself, but you can also use it to trigger orgasmic states.

Up we went to practice. As per my instructions, he started with a larger part of my body - rocking my hips with a certain kind of kinesthetic “listening”. However, you can ‘sweetrock’ someone from almost any body location, under the right circumstances. “Okay, now,” I said, “lower your energy (the energy that you’re kinesthetically applying) to about 1/5 of what it was. Now, take that extra energy and send it into me instead of onto me.”

“Visualize it going throughout my entire body. It has to feel good to you as well as to me, and that means you'll be feeling me as well as you at all times. After you start doing it, the words will make sense, but possibly not before.”

We started experimenting with several positions to get it just perfect. Every two people have certain co-resonant vibrational frequencies. When discovered and enhanced, they can send you both into this amazing universe of energy. In minutes he had found our resonance. Suddenly, the words made total sense – we were transported into sweetrocking bliss! What a wonderful time we had! It totally enhanced our next activity….

Does this sound interesting? If so, and you can make it to Sedona, I'll be presenting Sweetrocking there! This hot new technology of pleasure can be given non-genitally as well as genitally. It really helps to feel it for your-self! The conference is going to be a huge amount of fun. Here’s the link:

Love and blessings to all,

Dr. Patti Taylor

ps Save the Dates for New York weekend, June 22-24!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Art of Giving Using Psychic Energies

Hi all,

This week, Ray Vetterlein comes on as my guest talking about psychic energy, and how to be a master giver of extended orgasmic pleasure. Ray blows me away. I know him personally, so I know for a fact that he has been giving women amazing pleasure for over 40 years.

Let’s dig deeper. Ray is 81 years old, so giving pleasure has been a major part of half his life. It permeates his being. Giving pleasure is living pleasure for Ray. Because Ray can give orgasmic pleasure with his hands, Ray has escaped – or at least navigated– many of the sexual issues that many men confront as they age around what happens in terms of male performance.

Every year, Ray simply becomes a better lover, regardless of whether his prostate gets enlarged, or his Viagra shipment gets delayed (or whatever his issues - if any - may be – I haven’t asked for details). I’m talking big picture here: Learning to give pleasure has been a fabulous insurance “pleasure policy” for Ray.

I see this happen time and time again. Ray is such a wonderful role model for the rest of us. This is one interview you will want to listen to more than once!

Go to and click on The Expanded Lovemaking Show, or, find me by seaching in I-tunes, under the Expanded Lovemaking show.

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What Was That I Just Had?

Was that an Orgasm?

Many women ask me that question - how can they know when they have come?

I understand why. While it may be true that men and women have a smorgasbord of orgasmic sensations, a man can see when his cock is hard, and, when a man ejaculates, we assume he’s had an orgasm.

With women, there *might* be certain external signs, like breathing, sounds, and/or movement, but, often we can’t easily see a hard clit. And, if a woman doesn’t ejaculate, then, by what standard do we say she has come? All this of course begs the question, what really constitutes a woman’s orgasm?

According to Dr. Beverly Whipple, who’s researched women’s orgasms in her new book The Science of Orgasm, four different types of nerves signal the brain with ecstatic, orgasmic pleasure, originating from various parts of the body, such as the G-spot, the clitoris, and the cervix. ( Whipple also says people can experience orgasm - an intense pleasurable response - from stimulation of many parts of their bodies, not just the genitals.

Coming can feel like a faint trickle of fun, or a kilo of dynamite continually going off, and everything in between. So, ladies, let’s drop trying to decide whether we’ve had an orgasm, and surrender to feeling all the pleasure that’s possible, from all those wonderful locations!

Next time, just for fun, try asking, “Did I just have an intensely pleasurable response?”

Dr. Patti

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