Friday, April 20, 2007

Margot Anand - As Vibrant as Ever

Hi All,

My interview with Margot Anand is now available. Wow~

I just interviewed Margot in January, and remember feeling postively, absolutely dazzled in her presence.

Her clarity, her freedom, her strength of intention, her way of being, her laughter … her carefree-ness, her genius… her beauty … and of course, her wisdom, are just some of what hit me in cycles, when not coming at me all at once. She is truly a radiant being, loving, generous, and also quite artistic, vulnerable, and real.

Now… how would you like a chance to meet Margot? You can, by checking out our interview, just up, on and the Expanded Lovemaking Show.

I just listened to it once more, and felt all those same things yet again. I was totally *turned on* by what she had to say!

Tantra can supercharge your whole life, and your partner’s life, with orgasmic energy. I love hearing Margot share how bringing orgasmic energy up the body will change the way you experience not just sex, but love, and even life!

Plus… she shares freely about her own life and the new directions she wants to take.

Do tune into these vibes for a super-inside look at Tantra today!

Copyright 2007 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.



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