Monday, March 19, 2007

Join the Party!

Dear Expanded Lovemakers,

I apologize! Wow, in my enthusiasm, my last e-zine went out a few days early. Today's The Day: Launch Day, March 19. So, today is the day that you can go to and actually click on my show, the Expanded Lovemaking Show.

(And, as I said before, you can go to I-tunes, and type in either Expanded Lovemaking - or Personal Life Media, and then look up my show!)

Since we're talking now anyway, may I share with you a little more about the shows?

You'll see that in our first few shows, I talk to Anton, my co-host, about how to win women's hearts through Taontric massage -- something Anton fused from Tantra and Taoist massage that's easy to learn, and yet one of the deepest, and most orgasmic ways to spread love through touch I've ever heard about.

Gary Douglas, world famous leader of Access Energy Transformation, rivets us with his fabulous and highly entertaining wisdom on gloriously judgment-free-sex. Dr. Gary Schubach mesmerizes us with his secrets about the amazing G-spot and female empowerment, and Margot Anand of SkyDancing Tantra dazzles us with her insights, personal life revelations, and hot scenes from her new DVD.

In future shows, we'll learn from others in the field of deliberate orgasm, like More University, Ray Vetterlein, and the Bodanskys! In general we'll hear about the pleasure-giving techniques from many cultures, and what master pleasure givers do to make their love-making special.

We'll also hear from people, possibly like yourself, who want to be given a voice. I want others to know that this path is real for everyday people . What do they do to meet the everyday challenges to attain mastery? They do succeed. I meet masters all the time in my practice, and very few of them are public figures. I feel it's time we all meet more of the great many of us who have genius in this area.

You can read my editorial calendar right here on the Expanded Lovemaking home page. And, I have a blog on Personal Life Media, where you can share your opinions, triumphs, and questions.

Everything we say and do on the show is geared towards you, our listener. I want you to go out and make the hottest, juiciest, loving connections of your life, each and every time you listen to our show.

So, oops about the second e-mail - I didn't mean to clutter your mailbox. But maybe it's perfect. I would be so thrilled to think that you would come and check us out. Would you join all of us at PLM celebrate our worldwide party? And while you're at it -- I have to tell you, all the other shows I've checked out are absolutely fabulous! Check out my fellow presenters... I have!

The founders Tim and Susan Bratton have an extraordinary vision of bringing a special flavor of empowered consciousness to the planet. I believe it will make your day to know you have so many resources at your beck and call. And... all for free. And all for you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! for your time, your interest, and, your openness to personal pleasure and empowerment.

Yours in ever expanding love,

Dr. Patti Taylor,

Copyright 2007 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.



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