Saturday, December 16, 2006

My trip to Niagara Falls

Last night started out on a pretty low note. I had a minor injury at the gym, and, quite frankly, I was feeling somewhat sorry for myself. I was not in the mood for fun, love, or pleasure. Okay - I was in a really good, deep, blue, good old-fashioned funk. A tailspin. My partner tried talking to me. I was kind enough to tell him empathy would go further than advice. He switched from talking to hugging, and that helped some.

Now I going to ask you to guess, what are the chances that we could have had any kind of a reasonable sensual connection? Here are your choices: “One in 10”. “Could be anything”. “I have no idea”. Or “Excellent”. Give this some thought.

The answer is “Excellent”. The path of Expanded Lovemaking is a profound path. We train ourselves to live moment by moment, and to use each moment as fuel to inform and feed our lovemaking. The ups, and even the downs, are grist for the mill, and fire for our passions.

I knew that. But still, I had to get into that mindset.

On a night like last night, my needs for tenderness, loving, caring sensitivity, connection, and grounding touch were so strong that every kind of attention coming my way was certain to help me a change my present mindset channel into a far better scene.

Despite the prospects for perking up, part of me wanted to prolong my poor-me program. And this is where my “lover’s training” really came through. (Yes, you really can train to be a good lover!) I simply made an arbitrary decision to choose pleasure over pain.

I chose pleasure. I began to visualize Niagara Falls, and then myself, riding down it, effortlessly, on a magical raft, as if I were carried away into a cascade of fresh, churning, healing emotional pleasure. I savored this pooling of bliss while allowing heartfelt nurturing to stream rapidly (and joyfully) into my body, mind, and spirit.

Once I had made this choice, well … I leave it to your imagination to imagine what happened next!

Copyright 2006 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.



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