Saturday, December 09, 2006

What is it About Words....?

What is it about words that are so powerful? Have you ever noticed how they have the ability to take you deeply into an experience .. or out of one?

Okay, I am not talking about the obvious stuff, like being in the middle of a delicious, vibrant, hot, wet, juicy, Expanded Orgasm date and having your partner yell, FIRE! Even I'd get up and run out of the room. (Assuming he wasn't referring to what he was feeling running up and down his arm). Presumably, my consciousness would be expanded enough to know whether to run or stay!

No, I am talking about common words. ..You feel soooo good... ..You look reallllllly pretty... These work! Rule of thumb.. anything that starts with the word ..YOU.. is going to make ..ME.. feel like the center of attention and feel pretty wonderful.

So how about when you really want to blast off? What can I say, as the receiver of pleasure, when my luscious lover is, well, just a little distracted? I want to take him out of his head, for one thing. Often, he's actually trying too hard to please me and it's backfiring.

"Spot! Where..s that $%&* Spot!" he's thinking, perhaps .. and he's in his head, and not watching/feeling/drooling over me. Or he's wondering how he's doing, or what I'm thinking, or, whatever. He's not feeling fire running up his arm, that's for sure, and neither am I!

I did this last night. We entered into a bit of a lull, and I asked my partner to get a little drunk with me. ..Be drunk in love.., I cooed. That catapulted him right out of his mind. I reminded him not to fall out of bed, or off my spot, but to sway a little in the breeze, like being drunk yet in a boat, anchoring to my spot, all the while pleasuring me.

Worked like a charm. Flames were leaping soon.. the good kind!

Yours in ever-expanding pleasure,
Dr. Patti

Copyright 2006 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.



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