Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Recent Letter

The other day I got the following letter:

Dear Dr. Patti,

I'd just love to learn about Expanded Orgasm. But I'm not sure if I could survive coming for an hour! While I sure do love that explosion of pleasure, I find it hard enough to go over the edge for more than about two minutes, or have an orgasmic "session" that lasted longer than about twenty minutes. I'm afraid my nerves would get fried right down to the bone. Is there hope for someone like me?. Signed, Hopeful but maybe Fried

Dear Hopeful, (and can we drop the "Fried?"),

Expanded Orgasm is not about time... it's about experience beyond time .. and space. A person can be in a state of deep expanded orgasm for seconds, minutes, or hours - and this applies to men and women alike.

As for the nervous system, I'm thinking of the experience I had yesterday... my entire being (and its neurology!) was flooded with profoundly pleasurable sensation, streaming through like a river, continuously, as I continued to breathe deeply, nourishing my entire nervous system with feeling, and delight, and letting go. (I am guessing this part extended about twenty minutes.)

As I went 'over' the edge... (about five minutes, according to my partner, in clock time) ... actually more like, "though an edge" - I am thinking of the snowcap of a mountain, but now, this peak has rivers running from source, and this peak is alive with streaming, it's a domain with no beginning and no end, and my body is swept through to various levels of contractions, uterine, vaginal, labial, abdominal... transmuting into effortless sequences of full body vibrations.

So, afterwards, well, it's actually quite the opposite of feeling fried... it's deeply restorative, with a sense of powerful fullness and largeness - a sense of physical, energetic immensity.

Ultimately, it's about connecting with the Current, that universal OM...

So, of course, you can always start by getting my book (Expanded Orgasm: Soar to Ecstasy at Your Lover"s Every Touch) or take one of my courses (sign up to my email list at to find out about these!). I'm also planning to offer podcasts, and videocasts, and this is where you'll get all my latest information.

In the meantime, connect with curiosity with your partner. Go out of time, out of space. Let his finger find a good place on you and then.. let go of goals like going over the edge. (This sounds hard, but that"s where the fun begins!)

Yours in ever-orgasmic pleasure,
Dr. Patti

Copyright 2006 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.



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