Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Play Attention!~


Last night my partner was bugging me to tell him how other men stacked up to him as a lover. Naturally I was reluctant to answer him until I exacted several layers of promises that this information would not be used against me – or himself. After I had gotten a healthy dose of reassurance – looking deep into his eyes, taking his pulse, checking for fever, (ruling out temporary insanity), etc., I thought long and hard. Finally convinced of his sincerity, and also of his determination not to stop asking me, I answered.

With the best lovers, it's a matter of attention. They know how to find my favorite sensual and sexual spots to stay on, both inside and out. They know “where”, and “how” to touch. But it's more than that. They also know how to take me up and down, energetically, without dropping me. And that’s the timing, the “when”. Attention covers all of these points, all at once.

Imagine a plane trying to gain some loft. With just the right amount of acceleration, there will be a steady take off as the plane reaches enough altitude to go above the clouds. However, without enough combined sources of energy (the right mix of where, how, and when) in the beginning, that same plane becomes a “puddle-jumper” – it makes several trips up to tree-level, but then returns down to the ground, never to see the clouds. Puddle-jumpers never reach that critical loft, or effortless place (a.k.a. “the fun in the sun”). You do take a trip, but just not through the fabled clouds into lover-land.

Can you get there (or take someone there)? Yes! Attention ultimately creates that longed-for “lover’s loft”. So yes! It does take training, though, to have great attention. However, great attention has a super-charged payoff.

Attention is what has the giver of pleasure notice when his sensuous strokes are bringing you, the receiver, up too fast, or not fast enough. Attention is what has your partner notice when you need more stimulation, a softer touch, a stronger touch, or whatever! Attention has a great lover give you that symphony of perfect pleasure in every moment, just as you energetically reach for whatever it takes to climb to the next stair-step of sensation in the sky.

I thought my partner would faint by the end of my revelation. I checked his face. Would he be bright red or pasty white by now? But he was busily taking mental notes, paying a huge amount of attention to everything I was saying.

Smiling, he reassured me he’d heard everything I’d said. He then proceeded to get further clarification so that we could practice some advanced attention skills right away.

Ah, what wonderful things attention brought us last night!

Copyright 2006 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.



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