Monday, February 19, 2007

Falling as I'm Climbing

I was well into my sensual pleasuring date the other day with my beloved. His right hand was placed firmly on my favorite spot on my clit, and his left hand was delicately balanced, with two fingers up to the second knuckle, reaching in and teasing my G-spot. My partner was reaching into me – or was I reaching into him? I felt waves of pleasurable sensation pulsing all the way from my my abdomen to my thighs. I even felt micro-pulses inside my vaginal canal that just about took me over the edge time and time again, but each time, I relaxed to spread the energy. Long ago Mr. Fabulous had learned not to drop me when we reached these places. Still, I could feel myself searching for his next wave of touches.

Delicious waves of sensation alternately crept through me, and then shot through me, delivering doses of pure feeling that just seemed to fill me with just about as much pleasure as I could handle. In those moments, just subtle seconds, my whole being wanting to hold on, even grab a little, and ask for more. Then I would drop back, into relaxation, to savor for a few split seconds more, the energy coursing through my neural networks. This seemed to be going on in cycles.

“Wow”, my beloved said, “You're falling as you're climbing”.

He gave me more sensation within a moment or two, careful not to drop me in the process. In my orgasmic reverie, I considered this comment. How often things make sense “out there”. And how nice, that, finally, in pure pleasure, they don’t have too.

Pleasure thrives in a place of not making perfect sense! I'm reaching as I'm relaxing, and enjoying as I'm letting go.

So here's wishing you a day where at least one thing in it doesn't make total sense just because it's so totally wonderful!

Yours in ever-expanding love,

Dr. Patti Taylor

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Copyright 2007 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.

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