Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Sweetest Gift of All

'Tis the night before Christmas, and perhaps all your presents are already neatly wrapped beneath the tree, or bush, or candles. So here's the question for all of you that are still wondering, “Is there something extra-special that I can give to my beloved?”

You bet there is there is! Attention the sweetest gift of all.

The technical aspects of how you might give attention are easy. You'll get a scrap of your most sparkle-y gift-wrapping, and offer a specific amount of time, in writing, to your partner: 15 minutes, a half an hour, maybe even an hour. Roll your treasure into a scroll and bow it up. Give an amount of time for which you truly feel you can give your full, 100% attention. Quality of attention will trump quantity.

Almost certainly, the thing you would like to receive the most is not the thing your partner would like to receive the most.

You may long to have your partner gaze into your eyes silently for 15 minutes. Or, perhaps, you dream of the day when your partner will take you over the edge of an orgasm and prolong that edge, and not stop as you go over, but keep going, while you give him or her feedback, so as to prolong that orgasm, not the normal two or three minutes, but to experiment with keeping it going for a full 15 minutes, regardless of what happens. The exploration of what happens after the explosive over-the-edge part of lovemaking is what might be fun for him or her. (Note: I’ve gotten this one before, so take my word, this really can be a fun gift).

For your partner, attention might look like help with cleaning out the garage. Or could it turn into an exploration of languorous, loving oral sex on your new couch (after all, might not every piece of furniture in the house be christened?) or, perhaps, a probing, playful prostate massage with a new lube specially purchased for this purpose?

They say it's the thought that counts. I say, it's the attention that counts... and, in this case, often, what comes along with the attention!

Happy Expanded Holidays!

Yours in Ever-Expanded Love,

Dr. Patti

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