Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Advice to Love to Love You, Babe

Dear Dr. Patti,

I love my husband, and he loves me, but he's been working so hard lately that we never seem to have the chance to just unwind, and you know what that means. Unwinding leads to a yummy massage, which leads to even hotter action! I can't seem to get our frolicking love-fest started. He’s so focused on what happened during the day that when we get to bed all he wants to do is chill. How can we start our transition? Signed, Love to Love You, Babe

Dear Love to Love You, Babe,
I got the picture. Hubby is happy to hug, but can't switch off the Work Channel. Did someone else gain possession your remote? Well, fight fire with fire, by hiring him yourself, tonight! At dinner, pull out his appointment book and make an entry for nine o'clock this evening. Negotiate some duties. Make them really easy and fun ones, like slowly trickling his pinky in the crease of your elbow, or tracing his tongue around the sides of your ear lobe. Charge him like, fifteen dollars. (Depending on the guy, some guys might actually respond with greater glee if you actually make them pay *you* for the privilege of letting them do this to you.) You know your guy. If he’s in the kind of a mood where he wants or needs a challenge instead, you can plan a session where he's to grace your gorgeous g-spot (once you’re fully engorged, of course!) with at least three new creative ideas. Anyway, what have you got to lose? Everything glorious and good starts with a single pleasurable stroke!

Yours in ever expanding love,

Dr. Patti


Copyright 2006 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.



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