Thursday, January 18, 2007

Praises for my “Trained Man”

My partner – as you might expect – is an amazing “trained man” – trained to give me maximum pleasure when we hook up for a date. One aspect I love is his ability to energetically turn on a dime. Case in point: Yesterday was one of those nutty stressful days. He ran around with his hair screaming out in ten directions. He ate cereal with barbeque sauce and didn't notice. He talked in half-sentences because even he didn’t want to listen to himself!

But come time for our date, Mr. Amazing left it all outside the room in one second flat. He knows all too well that every thought and feeling of his goes directly from his mind, through his body, and into mine. I feel all of him: the good, the bad, the neutral, the joyful, and the loving. And he decided he wanted me to feel the good stuff. So, he’d better go get the good stuff from inside of him.

He touched me from the start in this melty way that had me start letting go in seconds, not minutes. He cooed like a dove, bringing us both into a new dimension of feeling and awareness. In minutes, my pussy was throbbing, reaching, and hungering for his touch. Next he teased me. My clit was laughing, dancing, and begging for his attention. Now he shape-shifted into the big old bear who wouldn’t give me what I wanted (okay, just for a little while) before showering me with delicious, all-over, endorphin-rich, blissfully perfected energy reaching me in places I never knew existed! This went on and on. He took me over edge after edge….

Apparently, there is life after stress. An expanded lovemaking life that never ceases to amaze me.

Your, in ever-expanded training… and love!

Dr. Patti

Copyright 2007 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.



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