Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New You!

Dear Expanded Lovemakers,

Have you heard the one where the Zen Monk goes to New York City and orders a hot dog from a vendor? He says, “Make me one with everything”. The vendor makes him a hot dog and takes his money. The monk expects his money back and when he doesn't get it says, “Where’s my change?” “Ah”, says the vendor “Change comes from within.”

This joke reveals how we much expect the right thing to happen at the right place and time. The same event becomes funny when it’s the right thing at the wrong time.

Aren’t we all just chock-full of thousands of judgments about what's right and wrong? What if we could just dump those judgments and enjoy every moment – especially during sex?

How cool would that be, since, when it comes to sex and pleasure, right and wrong events usually do not lead to harmless laughter, but often to more serious developments, like shutting down, embarrassment, trauma, hurt, and fear. Plus, we quit having fun with sex.

Have you got lots of judgments right this very nano-second about sexuality – yours, mine, and everyone else's? Are you wondering, “Wow. I’d love to drop my judgments about sex. But how?”

AH!!! Here’s the true secret of enlightenment: It’s as close as a subtle shift away. (In other words, enlightened sex is not to be found in with some guru in the Himalayas…. It’s in a Hot Dog Vendor!) Okay… just kidding on this one.

Seriously, though. You don’t need to go to the Himalayas…. It’s all here, in your own, simple, amazing attitude about fun. Just keep asking yourself, would you rather be right, or have fun?

So the next time your lover slips on a banana peel – (say it’s *your* greased clit or cock), and their hand flies, on a fumble, up your nose… well, did you know that the nose is full of erectile tissue? If your nose knows this isn’t the place to be, solicit their slithering digits to slide slippery-slope down to your lips! Aha…. more erectile tissue! Now maybe lips are more to your liking (and licking)? Hmm, perhaps, now’s the time to become one with everything… wink, wink….starting with that friendly finger fondling your galactic smile!

Happy New You! To all my Dear Readers,

In Expanded Laughter,

Dr. Patti

Copyright 2006 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.



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