Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Keeping It Smooth

Keeping it Smooth….

Keeping it smooth… is something I also call “continuity of touch”. It is one of the easiest sexual techniques you can to learn to apply to whisk your lover into those legendary and magical places. And it is also one of the nicest of techniques, of course, to receive. It is an excellent technique to start with for bringing someone into a more expanded state of being using physical touch.

What is continuous, anyway? We think usually of continuous as something that is unbroken through time. Smooth, slinky, silky, swishy, glide-y, sexy… continuous feelings evoke sensuous moods. You want to sway your body, dance to the music, let go of the rigid control of the mind, and start to feel the music. Even now, feel the feelings in your being. Are you ready to let this state of “Smoooottthhhhh…..” share the real estate in your consciousness? Just thinking about being smooth has some people naturally begin to let go and relax.

So keep it smooth when you touch your partner, and watch the results of your date go up, up and away! You’ll want to begin by feeling smooth actions in your own body first. Run your hand up and down your own body, so continuously that you don’t stop or even notice little pauses. This can and most likely will take some practice! (Three minutes is more than enough). Once you have this mastered, extend smoothly, sweetly, luxuriously, … continuously… to touch your partner’s arm or face.

What feels good on an arm or face feels just as good on your partner’s genitals. But a few differences do exist between stroking arms and your beloved’s most private parts! Continuous stroking on genitals is a key ingredient to expanding orgasms. However, it’s a little – no, a lot less charge-y to start on your sweetheart’s alluring arm or fabulous face than on her red-hot and possibly throbbing vagina (or his crowning glory), so do take the time to practice continuity on the easy places first! Plus, it’ll turn your partner on like crazy.

Okay, once you’re here, at the nerve-rich clitoris, or g-spot, (for women) or penis and prostate (for men) … remember what you learned! Make your touch continuous and smooth and you’ll find the two of you transported on a bullet train to bliss!

So keep it smooth, baby…, keep it smooth….

Till next time,

Yours in ever sweet, smooth, silky, slithery and sensational Expanding Love,

Dr. Patti

Copyright 2007 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.



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