Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My New Audio Podcast

Today I have some exciting news! I've been having an incredibly good time working with a new network, Personal Life Media, putting together The Expanded Lovemaking Show. I have been interviewing some of the most amazing people in the pleasure industry, and learning some of the most exciting secrets they have to share in the areas of how to have better vibrancy of connection, lovemaking, and orgasms - just to name a few topics.

The Personal Life Media Network launches on March 19. I want to invite you personally to check out our shows. You can go to and click on my show, Expanded Lovemaking, to read more about the description and some of our exciting guest lineup.

My suggestion? Go today check it out, and bookmark the page. See if you want to subscribe. Or, you could go right into iTunes, look up and bookmark Expanded Lovemaking. You can hear the first show now - it's me, being interviewed about Expanded Orgasm.

In addition, I have a fabulous co-host Anton who does shows on Expanded Lovemaking every other week. And, I've had the chance to listen to lots of other shows that are going to open too! Personal Life Media has designed all its shows for people seeking personal growth, evolution, health, success, and pleasure - how cool is that?

Personal Life Media is a great network – and we are giving a great party! You can go to Itunes, search on Personal Life Media, and, under Publishers, check out all their entire lineup while you're at it. Please, do join us!!!

Yours, as ever,
Dr. Patti Taylor

Copyright 2007 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.



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