Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sweetrock in Red Rock, Sedona, (AZ), May 4-6

Dear Expanded Lovemakers,

Last night started out like any other normal night. My partner came over to practice Sweetrocking with me, since I am going to be presenting a workshop in Sedona (at the Sacred Sexuality Conference, May 4-6) on Sweetrocking. We had dinner, enjoyed the sunset, and planned our practice.

Have you been to one of our groups where we covered Sweetrocking? It's a way of entering a mutually pleasurable resonant system. It's immensely enjoyable in itself, but you can also use it to trigger orgasmic states.

Up we went to practice. As per my instructions, he started with a larger part of my body - rocking my hips with a certain kind of kinesthetic “listening”. However, you can ‘sweetrock’ someone from almost any body location, under the right circumstances. “Okay, now,” I said, “lower your energy (the energy that you’re kinesthetically applying) to about 1/5 of what it was. Now, take that extra energy and send it into me instead of onto me.”

“Visualize it going throughout my entire body. It has to feel good to you as well as to me, and that means you'll be feeling me as well as you at all times. After you start doing it, the words will make sense, but possibly not before.”

We started experimenting with several positions to get it just perfect. Every two people have certain co-resonant vibrational frequencies. When discovered and enhanced, they can send you both into this amazing universe of energy. In minutes he had found our resonance. Suddenly, the words made total sense – we were transported into sweetrocking bliss! What a wonderful time we had! It totally enhanced our next activity….

Does this sound interesting? If so, and you can make it to Sedona, I'll be presenting Sweetrocking there! This hot new technology of pleasure can be given non-genitally as well as genitally. It really helps to feel it for your-self! The conference is going to be a huge amount of fun. Here’s the link:

Love and blessings to all,

Dr. Patti Taylor

ps Save the Dates for New York weekend, June 22-24!

Copyright 2007 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.



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