Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Share in an Intimate Counseling Session

This week is very special because I am giving two students very explicit advice on how to better their practice of Expanded “O”.

We cover:
1) What can men and especially women do to “settle into” a sensual pleasuring date when they feel that nervous energy… even when they really want to have that sexy, delicious connection with their partner?
2) How can men give women that sense of security, grounding, and presence, and communicate all this through their touch, while giving them contact?
3) What specific secrets can a man discover to make his stroking be even more masterful?
4) How can couples practice these arts, without confusing between “practice” and “lovemaking”
5) How can a woman know if she’s experiencing female amrita (emissions), and, what’s a good way to give one to a woman?

So tune into this show if you want to listen in on a free private session with me! We do go into detail, detail, and more detail!

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If you need instructions on how to download the podcast, go to my website, www.ExpandedLovemaking,com, under Podcasts, for more detailed instructions.

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