Friday, August 17, 2007

Orgamsic Meditation, Clitoral Communion, and One Taste to Taste It All!

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Dr. Patti Taylor of interviews Nicole Daedone, on this exciting show on Orgasmic Meditation: Clitoral Communion for Shared Pleasure, Sensation, and Awareness.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drop everything, live in an urban retreat center (or any retreat center for that matter?) where you can sample enlightening pleasures of every type imaginable?

Today those pleasures are “sensibly”, sensually, updated to include mind, health, body, heart, and spirit at the One Taste Urban Retreat Center, based in San Francisco, with branches in New York City and elsewhere.

Nicole Daedone, the founder, is a spectacularly fascinating woman: complex, brave, brilliant, and – oh yes - lovable too! The mind, the health, and spirit, are covered by visiting guest lecturers, as well as One Taste’s own local staff and providers.

To keep us sensibly sensual, you’ll learn special information in this podcast about One Taste’s crown jewel, Orgasmic Meditation, where two people share clitoral communion through the giving of raw sensual pleasure to a woman’s clitoris. Both people tap into the sensation and turn on to a myriad set up potentialities for awakening.

Learn more about this exciting, dynamic community, its classes, and its dynamic, lovable founder, all on this week’s podcast, (which is also a great party and celebration of female fun and friendship!)

You’ll laugh as well as learn as you open your mind, heart, spirit, and body to the possibilities that await you!

Listen Here:

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