Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Taste of Sex: Listen, Love, and Vote for Them!!!

Hi, I’m Dr. Patti Taylor of Expanded Lovemaking.com. Have you checked out the A TASTE OF SEX Series here on our very own PersonalLifeMedia.com network? If you like the Expanded Lovemaking Show you just might like this show as well.

Now, THEY ARE UP FOR A PODCAST AWARD, and it would be so cool if they won one! It’s a major, prestigious award. You can vote every day until Aug. 15! You’ll vote here: http://podcastawards.com/ and it’s a one-click easy process.

Their shows represent freedom of speech, and a celebration of life. In this world of boring mainstream media, I count my blessings when I can get access to unique voices, every single time I can. I have met so many wonderful friends, just from listening to A TASTE OF SEX.

I have tuned in, and I have come to know them. As members of a fascinating sex-positive community, they’ve shared struggles and successes and hot juicy sexual encounters, all via their raw, open-hearted podcasts. And, as you might imagine, as I come to know people, I come to love and understanding, too.

They have an erotic poetry and prose reading and a community “tell-all”, and in both shows they model what it’s like to bare your soul to sensuality, sexuality, consciousnesses, love, and life, in a multitude of voices and exquisite moments of life, both mundane and amazing.

In the Visiting Guest Series, I learn about other leaders and teachers. They have dreams, and to hear them and what makes them tick, inspires me to be the far-out crazy broad I am, whether I like or not! (I do, I do…, most of the time.) Company is always nice, though, don’t you think?

Because of A TASTE OF SEX, I have more love and inspiration in my life… yes, because of this homespun, exotic, erotic, totally fun programming.

So check out their shows… and if you are so moved, just get it: Your vote REALLY counts! Go to www.PersonalLifeMedia.com and then, A TASTE OF SEX. Enjoy!

Copyright 2007 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.


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