Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sexy Prostate Massage for Men

Prostate Massage: a Fun and Sexy Path to Pleasure: Dr. Patti Talks to Erika Thost, M.D., Founder of

Why should women be the only ones having delicious, mind-opening, body-warming, heart-tingling prostate massages? So many men would love to have one, and either don’t know they exist, don’t know how to ask for one, or, don’t know that their girlfriend just might be willing… or be totally delighted… to give them one.

Whether you are new to this subject of male prostate massage, also known as the “male g-sot”, or are just looking for a rollicking-good-fun discussion between Doctors Erika and Patti, (which alone is worth listening in for), stop on by and learn how you might expand your range of potential pleasures!

Check out learning way more about this very pleasurable gift to men — and to the givers of this delight as well! –Yours, Dr. Patti Taylor, of

Listen Here:

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