Saturday, June 16, 2007

Daniel Odier, Kashmiri Shaivist Tantric Master

Daniel Odier, a renowned Kashmiri Shaivist Tantric master, speaks this week, eloquently, directly, movingly about topics ranging from how to integrate the male and female within ourselves, to how to live a Tantric life -- a blissful one -- in today's fast-paced world.

I have listened to this interview four or five times already, and each time I hear something new. Yesterday, when I heard it, I was contemplating the part where he talked about how each of us needs to integrate the male and female within ourselves.

I realize how much time I spend trying to fulfill my role as a woman. There's nothing wrong with this, but, in doing so, I don't allow myself a full expression of the potential of my being.

Can I tap into the desire to create more balance in my life, and my energy, so that I can have a balance in male and female energies inside myself? Where I get too feminine, can I can look to see where qualities of strength and clarity can bring me into a gorgeous kind of “felt sense” of ecstatic balance?

And, can I do this without falling into any judgment of myself in any way? Loving myself in all my expressions of myself ?

Every time I hear this interview I am deeply, deeply inspired. Words don't fully express my gratitude that Daniel Odier shared his wisdom on my show -- but let me try: thank you Daniel! I invite everyone all to listen with all of their heart, mind, body, and spirit to this deep and inspiring sharing of wisdom.

Daniel Odier, A Tantric Path to Embodied Bliss:

Dr. Patti Taylor,
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