Thursday, May 03, 2007

Judgment-Free (and Zipless) Sex!

Judgment-free (and zipless?) sex?

Imagine sitting across from your partner – looking at him or her as if you’d never met before just now. Everything they said, every action they took, and every nuance of their behavior would be new. Their jokes would be funny, and their touch, most likely, would be as electrifying as the first time their hands graced your skin.

That’s what Gary Douglas offers: the promise of judgment-free, purely present NOW-sex, coupled with the newness, hotness, and electricity that comes along with this.

A brilliant entertainer, with fabulous suggestions, and genius-level insight, Gary show us all how to keep having the most delicious, fulfilling, expansive sex of our lives.

To find out how you can have these exquisite experiences for yourself, tuned in to this week’s podcast: Sex Is Not a Four Letter Word, where I interview Gary Douglas. This is an interview to hear not once, but frequently. This message is timeless and precious.

To top it all, in the end, you’ll find out why your orgasm is your gift to the world. How much better does it get?

Available now on, and The Expanded Lovemaking Show: "Sex is Not A Four Letter Word", with Gary Douglas.

Copyright 2007 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.


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