Thursday, May 17, 2007

How to Give a Great G-Spot Orgasm, with Dr. G

What a fun and informative show! I’ve never met a woman who’s had ONE great G-spot orgasm that didn’t want a hundred of them. This show tells you all about how to have them, and even how they can lead to true female empowerment.

G-spots are much bigger than a woman’s clitoris. When you keep your sweetie's clitoral area aroused, her G-spot grows in its ability to feel sensation. So, ready for a mini-lesson?

Keep ongoing stimulation on your lover's clit with one hand.

With your lower hand, tease her vaginal lips. Outer vaginal lips are incredibly sensitive to touch. Feather them with delicate contact.

As she gets more aroused, get some lube. With permission, gently go inside to the first knuckle. Switch now more to pressure sensations. Swing your fingers, one or two of them, against her upper vaginal wall, from side to side. She’ll climb higher in turn-on and feeling.

Go deeper now. When you get to her G-spot, a spongey-feeling area, find just that perfect hook with your finger(s), under her pelvic bone, and rhythmically signal her to “come hither”.

In my interview with Dr. Gary Schubach, we go into much further detail about just what to do to drive your woman wild with G-pleasure – (she may even wind up “squirting”, or female ejaculating).

So listen, take notes, and, most importantly, line up a hot date for some practice!

Or visit me at I-tunes, under Personal Life Media first (as a network publisher), and then look for this show, under the Expanded Lovemaking Show.

Yours, Dr. Patti Taylor

Copyright 2007 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.


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