Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Be the Shining Star, with Sexy Photos

Flirt, Tease, and Arouse, In and Out Of the Bedroom: Dr. Patti talks to Lucas Hopkins, Gifted Photographer and Master Creator of Passionate Delights

Hi, I’m Dr. Patti Taylor, of, and I have a real question for you: How would you like to be a *Shining Star* tonight?

Whether you’re the lovely subject, or the hero-photographer, many women fantasize about being photographed by a lover (or a savvy stranger) who knows how to bring out their inner turn-on, whether they are in their animal moods, or their sweet, tender, deep sensual self. Or … you name it? Maybe several sides want to emerge!

As the photographer, you get to set the stage and capture all this! In this show you will be inspired to both receive and/or take intimate photos. And, also, to tease, flirt, arouse, and turn your partner on!

And, perhaps you’ll learn a little more about what goes on in someone else’s art studio while you’re having your busy day?

And perhaps you’ll fantasize about changing careers? You might after hearing this podcast!

You’ll definitely learn some fabulous tips on sensuality, flirting, arousing, and sex, and hear a really fun show!

Check out the show and see for yourself what turns you on. Happy Listening!

And, BE SURE TO VIEW LUCAS’S INCREDIBLE PHOTOS at as a part of this experience.

Listen to the show here:

Copyright 2007 Patricia H. Taylor, PhD. All Rights Reserved.



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