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Can We Re-Ignite Passion in a Marriage?

Can We Re-Ignite Passion in a Marriage?

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Hi, this is Dr. Patti Taylor of

Heather and Robert’s interview moved me deeply. I am so glad to release it, because it is such a message of inspiration for all of us.

So many marriages are not making it to the long-term any more. You have less than a fifty-fifty chance of staying married 25 years.

Lack of a gratifying sex life is often a major reason. So guess what turns things around?

Heather and Robert, in a long-term marriage, bravely share with us their journey, start from a stale-mated sex life a year ago. Misunderstandings abound, while feelings are brittle and easily hurt.

Both of them attempt to reclaim their passion. Advances comes haltingly, but, with the love and determination, the payoffs come through, one after another.

It’s all in the details in this vulnerable, yet, detail-filled, and juicy narrative!

In the end… well, you’ll have to experience for yourself the joy we share with Heather and Robert in their fun and newly-minted marriage.

I feel so hopeful and happy with this interview. I see this so often: that becoming orgasmic brings marriages back to life, love, trust, harmony, and joy. And, oh yes, Passion!

Listen Here:
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