Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Date Change from 10/6 to 10/28 and an Invitation

Dear Expanded Lovemakers:

After some deliberation, we decided to reschedule our class at Celebrations of Love from from October 6 to Sunday, October 28.

There is a conflict with a dance event that was turned into a fundraiser for a very special person in the COL community. To support that cause we felt the best thing to do is to reschedule our event to another night.

I look forward to seeing you on the 28th!!

In other news, I just got back from the the Podcast and New Media Expo full of lots of new ideas, so hold on as I upgrade and modernize my site and the way I do things around here ... even my email! All for your benefit, of course! The customer... ahem... audience... ahem....ahem... even client... is now the "participant"! I love this!

So, please, let me know your thoughts about what you'd like to hear more of, what you don't understand about my site, or even, just drop me a line and introduce yourselves and let me know what you love learning (or love to learn) about making love!

And I'll be doing way more to make this easier for you because I am really interested and curious, as well as grateful for your participation.

Yours, in ever-expanding love,

Patti (aka Dr. Patti Taylor)

www.ExpandedLovemaking.com -Check out my You Tube Videos on my site

for computer access to my podcast... I now have 21 shows! including Daniel Odier, Margot Anand, Ian Kerner, Mantak Chia (coming soon) and many more amazing guests!

Or just go right into Itunes and search for "Expanded Lovemaking" ... we're currently the top-rated show in our network -- we got approximately 40,000 downloads last month, after 6 months "on the e-waves", which is amazing.

http://expandedlovemaking.blogspot.com/ for my blog... which you can sign up to... (look in the bottom right hand corner where it says, "Subscribe in a reader"). It will come right to your email and comes out much more frequently than this e-zine. We discuss events, shows, and hot juicy stuff.

PS Please... Can you think of friends that would enjoy what we're doing? If so, would you be wiling to pass the word along about what we're up to?

Invite them to take one small step, like to check out one of my 21 podcasts, one that's really touched you personally, perhaps, or sign up to my events list... we have so many exciting new show, events, and articles planned! Even forwarding this email would be great.

There is no substitute for word of mouth. If you are enjoying what I am doing, then, your words are worth thousands of dollars to me!!! Millions, even. I'd love to see this show reach 100,000 downloads, which is where it will start being really commercially viable. Your support would mean a lot.

PSS: Almost all the guests on my audio podcast say that if more people practiced Expanded Lovemaking the world would be a better place in so many ways. Those of you who listen know of the many beautiful ways they've mentioned.

So... why do you listen? And, do you think the consciousness of the planet would shift if there were way more Expanded Lovemakers out there making love all over the planet?

Thanks in advance! Xoxoxoxoxo to all.


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