Friday, October 12, 2007

New Events, 10/20 and 10/28

As you may have noticed I am offering more these days. Why? We teach what we need to learn, I always say. So what is there to learn about making love, and using this information to go into expanded orgasmic states, you might ask of me, since I probably do it more than almost anyone I know?

Everything. It’s not about what is being taught. It’s about being in the experience. Each gathering is like a sacred puja, or ceremony, where we use our collective energies to raise one another, and ourselves, and our awareness, in order to expand our bliss and bliss consciousness to places we never dreamed possible. And that is always an infinite journey.

So here is what is planned:

AH: Awakening Hearts: Saturday October 20th. 7pm to 10pm. In San Franscisco.
Last month's gathering was REALLY fun and connective!
So, come join a group of juicy cultural creatives, as we awaken our capacity to feel more joy, aliveness, and bliss!

For more info click on link:

Another evening: Sun., October 28th, 7 -10 pm in Corte Madera: Expanded Tantric Lovemaking, with optional potluck beforehand at 6 pm:
Here I am share some of the information that I have been presenting in New York, and introduce you to what I will be teaching in my upcoming playshops. You’ll learn more about how to expand your sensual life with newly refined practices derived from the Kashmiri Shaivist Tantra traditions. For more info click here:

What are people are saying about Ah! Awakening Hearts?

*Patti and Don created a delightful, heartfelt space that was very safe and felt like home.
*The connecting exercises sparked my intuition and put me in touch with the moment.
*The activities of the evening helped me to explore the delicate balance of honoring boundaries and taking risks. I found that asking permission allowed more intimacy.
*Thank you for creating such a safe space to me to explore Sacred
Intimacy with my self and others. t reminded me that the essence of Tantra is spiritual awakening.
*It was more than I expected. I left the event with a feeling of deep peace and fullness in my Heart.

Finally, check out my podcasts! We have some great ones coming up, including Mantak Chia, Lori Grace and Scott Catamas, and Stan Grof. Visit my website, under Podcasts, to learn more about how to download right into Itunes.
Or, go to
Yours in ever-expanding bliss,

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