Friday, October 05, 2007

Have You Heard Living Dialogues This Week?

Hi, this is Dr. Patti Taylor of, and I want to get on my soapbox for a minute, okay?

I just love Living Dialogs! It’s a podcast on the Personal Life Media Network. I literally await each week’s show with true curiosity. What has Duncan Campbell created for us this week?

Every podcast has a way of changing my life. They are that good! But recently, Joseph Chilton Pearce has been on for three whole shows, talking about culture, violence, children, the language of the heart, how it connects to the brain, and the biology of transcendence.

What do I love? Okay, it’s academic in parts. But Pearce lays it all out:
We are universally divine, but with cultural overlays, are “programmed” to forget this, and to embrace violence… and of course, this will show up in our lovemaking as well as in our children and all other aspects of our society.

This information tracks perfectly with what I teach — and believe — about learning to become a better lover. Underneath it all, we are have the potential to become precious, fabulous lovers, just waiting for a chance to express ourselves and learn how to love even more.

Pearce’s explanations about what we can do about our cultural conditioning… not what you may think… are refreshing and inspiring. And mind-opening.

Wow. Do I love this show. And this week was just another in a string of hits. Thanks, Duncan.

This show is in three parts…. lucky us! So I am just giving the link to his page on Personal Life Media.

And, oh yes, thank you to Personal Life Media, who makes ALL of this content get out to us Lovemakers, who happen to be parents, children ourselves, and, of course, divine beings underneath the programming. Thank you, PLM!

Listen to Living Dialogs Here:

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