Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mantak Chia Opens Our Mind/Body Consiousness

Hi, this is Dr. Patti Taylor of, and I am so thrilled to have this interview with Mantak Chia. Mantak Chia is a fixture in our culture, but in a slightly "small" way relatively to his total message. He is the one who for years has been telling men, to withhold ejaculation, and circulate that energy (and that semen!) up through the body instead! You can (and should) circulate precious this orgasmic energy up through your body, mind, heart and spirit, rather than "spend it" by letting it leave your body.

Of course he says a lot more than that. In fact, he has an entire cosmology or how to live an orgasmic and loving life.

It’s so typically “Western”-consciousness that we equate him with this one concept on of withholding semen, when what he talks about is an entire way of living, eating, thinking, and breathing, (for both men and women) … and, of course, when he includes making love and generating orgasmic energy as a big part of his overall conversation.

Join us as he talks about this, and so much more, on this podcast.

Yes…it’s about so much more than whether you ejaculate (as a man) or not.

So… become global. Open your mind and hear what this brilliant master has to say.

Oh, and check out some of his DVD’s while you are at it… they are wonderful. I especially love the ones on Sexual Alchemy, though, I admit, I haven’t seen them all yet! We list them on our episode page for Mantak Chia's show. Or, go to

Once you’ve listened to him, then see what works for you in your body.

Overall, I am sure you will feel totally enriched for having heard this brilliant man.

Listen Here:

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