Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Reclaim those Sweet, Loving Feelings Again…

How? Through what? Compassionate Nonviolent Communication?

Hi, I’m Dr. Patti Taylor of ExpandedLovemaking.com, and most people tell me this: I thought you just slammed the door or made rude remarks when you wanted to get your point across! Then you annoyed people and started new relationships. (Put this all in reverse to describe what people do to you.)

This may sound funny…. If it weren’t so true. Then of course it’s tragic.

And it’s more heart-breaking when you realize the consequences of poor communication around intimate communication: hurt feelings, that lead to feeling traumatized, shut down, unattractive, and more.

Wouldn’t you like to reverse this trend? Is it possible?

Wouldn’t you like to feel loved, met, understood, and as a result, more open, warm, and sexy?

Imagine the hot, loving, or deeply caring sex you used to have when you felt you were really, truly, connecting. You can feel that way again in a much shorter time possible than you ever imagined!

Find out how in our show on Compassionate Communication with Lori Grace Star and Scott Catamas.

Listen Here: http://www.personallifemedia.com/podcasts/expanded-lovemaking/episode025-lori-grace-star-scott-catamas-compassionate-communication.html

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